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How to set up your own dWeb Site

by happybeing, 20 February 2019


dWeb Blog is a step towards the vision of Safepress, a WordPress for the decentralised web in the form of Safe Network.

You can create your own blindingly fast static website for both Web and decentralised Web (on Safe Network) by following the steps below.

To follow the development of dWeb towards the vision of Safepress, follow me on Mastodon at @happyborg, via github as @theWebalyst, or on the Safe Network forum.

Step 1:Clone the dWeb Blog code into a directory named for your intended website project, using git. For exampe, if you are making 'the-best-blog' you would type:

   git clone https://github.com/happybeing/dweb-blog the-best-blog

Step 2:Initialise your cloned project by following the instructions in Quick Start.
Step 3: Test that your project works locally by running yarn start and viewing it in a web browser at localhost:3000
Step 4:Try editing the content under the ./content directory, and check that your changes are reflected in your local test (as in step 3).
Step 5: To publish your website, follow the instructions in Deploy Website, which explains how to publish to the Web and on Safe Network dWeb.

DWeb Blog is live on the web at dweb.happybeing.com and on Safe Network (Fleming and alpha2) at `safe://dweb` (to view it first Join the DWeb).

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