About dWeb Blog

dWeb Blog is about:

  • helping people build the decentralised Web
  • showing how to build a fast stylish [cough] website
  • learning key tech, including Solid, SAFE and React/React-static
  • helping transition from Web to dWeb on SAFE Network*
  • integrating with Solid* so users control their data
  • giving back and sharing, so all the code is open source (GPL3)

*SAFE Network is a secure, decentralised network for privacy, security and freedom.

*Solid is the decentralisation project Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web.

You can read: Why Solid on SAFE?

The Author

As author I'm pulling together things built by others to make something new, so I hope folk who like what dWeb Blog is about will pick it up and make their own websites and blogs based on it. If you do this, I'll be happy to hear back in ideas and code.

So please grab the dWeb Blog code from github and make it your own, and if you want to help me with any of the aims above get in touch on github (@theWebalyst), SAFE forum (@happybeing) or twitter (@safepress).