About dWeb Blog

dWeb Blog is about building a better internet and using what we have more safely:

  • helping people build the decentralised Web
  • how to build a fast stylish [cough] decentralised website
  • learning decentralising technology
  • regaining control of your data and your privacy
  • helping transition to Safe Network and Solid on Safe

In particular, the following technology is of interest here:

  • Safe Network: a secure, decentralised network for privacy, security and freedom.
  • Solid: a decentralisation project Tim Berners-Lee who invented the web.

More on those here: Why Solid on Safe?

The Author

I'm just an old guy with a keyboard who's watched the birth and capture of the internet, and is not happy about it.

This is blog is both a resource and a demonstration of how decentralising internet and web services can help us reclaim and remake the internet as a universally accessible resource open to all for sharing, learning and building while remaining human!

So if you want to build, a blog for example, please grab the dWeb Blog code from github and make it your own, and if you want to help me with any of the aims above get in touch on github (@happybeing), Safe Network forum (@happybeing) or Mastodon (@happyborg).