dWeb Blog

  • is a blog about publishing on the decentralised Web
  • is live now on both Web and decentralised Web
  • is blazing fast - click around to see how fast!
  • shows you how to build on the Web, and Join the dWeb

Decentralised Web Technology

dWeb Blog will develop into a live showcase for key dWeb technologies including Solid and SAFE Network.

As I learn to use the technology for dWeb Blog, I'll blog about this so you can follow along and learn how to build on the decentralised Web yourself.

I'll announce new posts on twitter, so you can follow along there: Solid on SAFE (@safepress)

If you want to join in, my first post is up now and shows you how to get your own dWeb Blog running in minutes:

Solid and SAFE Network

Solid is the decentralisation project Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the web.

SAFE Network is a secure, decentralised network for privacy, security and freedom.

Read about: Why Solid on SAFE?

Join the dWeb

To view websites and dApps on SAFE Network get SAFE Browser, then fire it up and type safe://dweb into the address bar to see this website on the SAFE dWeb.

For more things to see and do on SAFE Network, and to get answers to any questions you have visit the SAFE Network forum: http://safenetforum.org

If you are viewing on SAFE Network already, you can visit https://dweb.happybeing.com in an ordinary browser for comparisson.

Publish on the dWeb

While SAFE Network is in alpha it requires an invitation to create an account and upload content. If you'd like to do this, head to safenetwork.tech

Right now you can

  • deploy a blazing fast simple website/blog based on React-static
  • add and edit pages and blog posts as markdown files
  • automatically publish to web and/or SAFE Network
  • use state of the art React web components (including Ionic)
  • hot reload your development site as you work (note react-static issue #985)

What's coming

  • Posts introducing React-static, Solid and SAFE Network, three technolgies that provide a fast, secure internet where users own and control their data, and can communicate freely without intermediaries, data harvesting, data breaches etc.
  • enhancement of the website's structure, styling through editing of the site's configuation, addition of components and so on, as I learn
  • posts to accompany those changes so you can incorporate features youself

That's quite a lot so don't expect updates every week! I'm busy working on SAFE Drive too, and also have a life. But if you want this stuff, your feedback and encouragement will help it happen.

More: About dWeb Blog and the author.